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Revlon Photoready BB Cream [Your Test]

gambar Revlon Photoready BB Cream [Your Test]

Hey Ladies~ How was your day? I got my days in office and find new friends, which is great. Today I wanna share about this Revlon Photoready BB Cream  no 01 - Pale. This shade is very good and blend well with my skin!  But I don't like the packaging. Revlon's packagings are always feels to ''oldies" for me.Let's start with the packaging shall we. This particular product has a hygienic overall feeling to it. It has hygienic design with tube as the BB cream container, and good news, the hole is always clean as long as we don't use excessive cream. This BB Cream also contain SPF 30, so it is suitable for everyday use even to block some sun rays.How about the product itself? For me, it has medium-light coverage, and that's pretty nice, suitable for everyday makeup. I test it first on my hand to see the colour result as well as to learn the coverage effect. After that I apply it evenly on my face.My face is not at it's best condition thanks to the usual period's trouble: acnes!  Is there anyone just like me? Getting acnes during monthly period?? As you can see, after I tested on my period time face, it showed that the product has really light-medium coverage because it cannot fully cover my acnes. For good coverage purpose especially for acnes, it still needed a concealer to cover our acne. Good thing is the product succeeded in making my skin tone more evenly.What I Like:

♥ Good oil control

♥ Has 30 SPF

♥ Travel friendly

♥ Hygienic packaging

♥ Flatten my skin tone

♥ Light-medium coverage (good for everyday natural makeup)

♥ Not cakey in my face

♥ Not sticky


What I Dislike:

* Weird smell

* What I dont like the most is that the product contains paraben

Review seputar Revlon Photoready BB Cream  ini dishare oleh Rhea Kim. Kenalan dengan Rhea lebih lanjut, bisa langsung diliat blog nya atau via twitter  @Lil_RheaHarga Revlon Photoready BB Cream

 85.000 IDR

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