Vaseline Serum Healthy White Perfect 10 [Your Test]

Vaseline Serum Healthy White Perfect 10 [Your Test]

When I first got the packet from Yukcobain, I was surprised to see the size of the Vaseline serum. Looking at the pictures on the website, I thought it was a small size bottle, but it wasn't. The tube housed 180 ml of the Vaseline serum, which is a lot. One of the best thing for me is the presence of a flip cap instead of a twist off cap. Yeaaaah!!Although I am pleased with the large amount of body serum, I can see it not being too travel friendly. Apart from the large size that can take some space in my travel bag, it also exceeds the allowed LAG rule when travelling overseas. However, I can always transfer it into a travel bottle, so no probs there.Moving on to the ingredients of the serum, I see Niacinamide being the fourth ingredient in the list. This is the active ingredient that helps to restore the skin to its healthy state before being exposed to the sun and pollution. Another name for it is Vitamin B3, so it helps the skin's regeneration process. It also has dimethicone, thus the silky finish after blending the serum on my body.Right out of the tube, it is a white serum that has a lighter consistency than most body lotions in the market. It spreads easily on my body and gets absorbed quite fast without having to massage it repeatedly. The scent that lingers on my body is the typical signature of most Vaseline body products. I can't quite describe, but if you've sniffed a Vaseline product before, you'll know what I'm talking about.As for the moisturizing properties, I have to say that this is by far my favorite body lotion (or serum). No, not because it was given to me for free, lol. It gives my skin the moisture it needed without the sticky and/or greasy feeling afterwards. The absorption time is fast, as I've mentioned in the previous paragraph, so I don't have to wait for a long time before applying it on the other areas on my body. I also noticed that the moisture this body serum gives my skin lasted longer compared to usual body lotions.To summarize, I really like the non sticky finish of this body serum because it won't take too much time for me to wait until all of the product has been absorbed by my skin. The niacinamide content is also one of the reasons why I am in love with this body serum. It helps to regenerate my skin and maintaining my skin to its healthy condition. It moisturizes my skin for a longer time period compared to usual body lotions. I am definitely putting this on my repurchase list!

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