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Review Extica Lustrous Cushion Tint Berry Berry by Sarah Apricelina

Extica Lustrous Cushion Tint Berry Berry

Extica Lustrous Cushion Tint Berry Berry merupakan lipstick dengan bentuk krayon tidak membuat bibir kering, warnanya tahan lama dan cocok digunakan untuk ombre lips.

Harga : 75.500,-
Dapat dibeli di : Personal care store

“The Extica Lustrous Cushion Tint product is really awesome and I fell in love instantly!”

Who doesn't know about the K-Beauty trend, Ombre/Gradient Lip? As a fan of doll-like makeup, I find Gradient Lip is a must! This makeup trend helps to emphasize your eyes. And it's such an honor to be chosen by to review Extica Lustrous Cushion Tint: Berry Berry.

To be honest I already received this cushion tint for almost a month. I was thinking to do cute makeup looks with this product but sadly, I just got a job and had to keep put over the idea. Maybe another time? Extica is a new cosmetic brand from Indonesia, that also already registered by BPOM. They've launched lot of products from BB Cream, Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, even Perfume, and etc.

Extica Lustrous Cushion Tint is just the same as its name, a Cushion Tint. With six shades, Extica is really trying its best to be a great brand, which worked as far as I know. You may find their products online and at Watson or any drug store around Jakarta. Shades that they offered are, Poppy, Mauve, Amethyst, Raifine Wine, Fashion Orange, and Berry Berry which I got.

The packaging really reminded me with Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint. Well to be honest it's way too similar??? It has no weird scent, and from what I read on the packaging, the paste has jojoba seed oil. So it won't make your lips dry. Extica Lustrous Lip Cushion Tint is also paraben free. The color is really pigmented!

I only dab a bit on my lips and use the cushion to smudge it outwards my lips. It's pretty subtle when I already use the cushion. The cushion helped me a lot! Because sometimes you already touch another products or maybe your hands are dirty so the cushion not only helps you to get the cherub lips but also to make it more hygienic. So kudos for the cushion inventor and obivously, EXTICA!

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The cushion applicator can be re-attached too, so you can easily wash it without making the paste wet. I love the Berry Berry shade! It's pink-ish with purple hint. Kinda like red-ish fuschia? I'm so bad at describing color. It may looks different on other peoples. After two hours, the color is more showing and vibrant.

Overall the product is really awesome and I fell in love instantly! I might buy another shades next time and create a way more cute looks with it. Thank you so much Team for choosing me to review this amazing product and also being so patient with me :')

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